betting hints at bonus sportsbook

  • Information are the most important factor for success in sports and society events betting For maximum profit, only bet on sports / games / events you are well versed in.
  • Compare the single betting providers. Simply try more than one for finding the one for you.
  • Comparing the odds does pay off aswell. The more you bet, the faster you you notice which bookmaker has the best ones. Even for low stakes bets (especially combi bets) the height of the odds effects your winnings. We recommend Betfair and Bet365 for the best odds.
  • Don't combine too many events while combi betting.
  • Play with high odds and low stakes or low odds and higher stakes. Combining high stakes with high odds is insane.
  • Use the offered welcome bonuses, the best ones are listed here.
  • If you made a choice in live betting, and the odd gets worse two times in a row: Better look for another bet.


General Hints for responsible Gaming

  • Set your personal limit how much money you would like to use for playing before you even start. Don't raise this amount while you are playing. Most providers offer you possibilities to limit your deposits - Use them, it is not a sign of weakness, but of responsible Gaming.
  • Never play, when you are fuming, euphoric or in other extreme mood.
  • Check before registration, if your chosen brand is reputable. A simple check for unknown providers is whether links to responsible gaming and mediation bodys, such as Ecogra are visible.

hints for betting at bonus sportsbook